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 About the guild quiz 31.7.2009

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PostSubject: About the guild quiz 31.7.2009   About the guild quiz 31.7.2009 EmptySat Aug 01, 2009 4:21 am

Today I held an unannounced (sorry) guild event at about 8-9pm server time, here is the questions asked, answers and the winners:

1. Who was the first member to join the guild?
A: Soulflyer

2. Which two ranks have the most respect and honour?
A: 1 of 5 Kings and FUBAR Champion

3. Who are the three members that today have the rank 1 of 5 Kings?
A: Divek, Thepewpew and Gurp

4. In guild forum in the tavern I have posted a video (with music) from an old game, what is the name of that game?
A: Ristar

5. What does FUBAR stand for and where was it first used?
A: F.U.B.A.R. = Fucked Up Beyond All Repair, were used before World War II by repairmen sent out to repair phone booths.

6. What rank is between Royal Commander and Guard?
A: Guard Captain

7. What is the name of Raiteis alt?
A: Donkrieg

Hmm these questions aren't in order and I don't remember who won which question so I'm just gonna say the winners:
Ephen, Cleta, Melthylitos (two times), Retristorm and Waraus

Thanks to all who participated, I'm gonna hold more events and a pvp event in the next few days so look forward to it. I will try to post about them before hand on forum.

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About the guild quiz 31.7.2009
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