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PostSubject: Laalaaalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!   Fri Jul 08, 2011 2:33 am

Hey all!
I wonder if anyone still checks this forum? I created this topic to check how everyone is doing?
Me? Well haven't played any wow in a while, but otherwise I'm doing just fine. I've read a bit of the old posts here... good times good times. I wish a new game would come that was similiar to Ultima online and World of warcraft, I've mostly just played single player games these days with a little bad company 2 with a friend. Waiting eagerly for Diablo 3, hopefully it will come out this Fall/Autumn.

Anyway if anyone sees this message, leave a reply about how you're doing Smile
and if anyone has found a great online game or want to play Diablo 3 with me when it comes out then let me know here.

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PostSubject: Hai   Thu Sep 22, 2011 6:26 am

Judging that you said anyone in the Post I thought I would post, Was clearing out my old Favorites folder on my old Laptop when I stumbled Upon this forum and saw your post.

Well in General relating to the server, after you left things kinda got busy. Shadowsfall aka Jay took over The FUBAR Squadron and we made peace, he made the guild pretty big for a while while I lead other guilds and at one point he was leading FUBAR as the best PvE guild, while I was Co Leader of League of Heroes (the first, said this because it got remade by myself and the leader about 4 times xD). After a while everyone from the Original FUBAR Quit although I do see Terell and Lairon chilling every so often. But out of everyone im the only active player yet. Although these days I play on the Official World of Warcraft realms, or if I get bored of that ill play some Call of Duty. Overall things have moved on a lot. Although sadly the LastWoW communities intelligence is supremely low and kinda sad. I hope you eventually read this and understand I looked back on my previous behavior and It was silly of me and I apologies.

Best Regards
Sam / Retristorm/ Justrix
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