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 Fullers purpose

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PostSubject: Fullers purpose   Fullers purpose EmptyMon Nov 09, 2009 6:09 pm

Fullers name came to mind while at a pub in england.
Once a old wise dude said to me "to master an art you must fight for it, to relearn an art you must start again" these works made me make a new rogue so that i could pvp for the gear and learn how to detect rogue stun lock and ambush without screwing up and also allowing me to find different ways of fighting in different situations. Also i made a tank called Qi.
I called it that cause i was drunk when i made it, and also it will be my first tank and rest assured i have alot of vps so gearing is no prob i am happy to dedicate it to g raids so members look for za kara and maybe one day bigger raids
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Fullers purpose
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