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PostSubject: Other Guilds   Other Guilds EmptyMon Nov 09, 2009 5:40 pm

Recently all guilds have been thrown into chaos and some disbanded heres some insider info on them all:

Rush: Disbanded
Warlords: Best raid Leader left
Unstopabble: leader banned guild disbanded
Bloodpact: Fail^^
Angels of Horde: Rough times but repaired and now running as one of the best guilds on the server.
Per noctem strikes back: moving server according to rumors
Reborn: Dead resurrecion was attempted but failed.
Requim: Horde PVP guild one of the better ones
AFK with ur Mom: gone and disbanded although i have heard rumors they are working underground
Trinity: maybe making a comeback old leaders are uniting
The Mercenaries: Minding their own bussiness and playing the game for fun
Shinigamis: PVPing as always and ofc pwning
With Coffee and Toast: Also PVPing and ofc pwning
The FUBAR Squadron: We are working on it FUBAR FTW!!!!!!!

This list will be updated by me every week with new guilds and new info please note some will be removed after some time if you know anything about guilds or rumors please state and they will be added afro
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Other Guilds
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